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To the great great grandaughter of Patoromu Tamatea: Dear Lily,

Your spirit holds a voice from the past. Thank you for the miracle. The man who bought your great great grandfather’s whale bone comb is Kajetan Fiedorowicz — pioneer in the antiquities world, professional photographer, and author on this blog. … Continue reading

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Coral Empire Combs


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My Ebay Auction Was Taken Down. I Put It Up Again.

My ebay auction was taken down because I used a certain word. This comb was made in 1890. It is a legal item, which is why items of a similar material and date are sold at every auction house in … Continue reading

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Miriam Slater Collection: Tortoiseshell Kanzashi

Chrysanthemums are the imperial flower of Japan. They represent friendship, which masks a secret wish for love. Perfection is defined by the unfolding of the flower’s petals. As symmetry is an important principle in Japanese art, kanzashi are usually made … Continue reading

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French Tortoiseshell Comb

This masterpiece was made in France, c. 1830 – 1850 and resides in the Musée Galliera – Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris.

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French Empire Comb Sold at Auction

A French Empire comb sold at Skinner Auction House in Boston for $2963. C. 1809 – 1819, seed pearls delicately form feather motifs, which are mounted on the correctly textured gold comb. कंघी For more scholarly research, please examine The … Continue reading

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French Turquoise and Pearl Comb on Ebay

This comb is to drop dead from, but so is the price (read: secret, ulterior reason why BA has this blog ;-). There is a French marking for solid 18K gold, 64 natural pearls, 36 turquoise stones in 9 vertical … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Odd designs

by The Creative Museum: Le peigne d’ornement a pour vocation de mettre en valeur la beauté d’une coiffure et d’un visage. L’inspiration des créateurs se tourne le plus souvent vers des motifs empruntés à la nature: fleurs, insectes ou oiseaux. … Continue reading

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Indian Perfume Oil Combs

Just as an accent can reveal a person’s origin, so a perfume (attar) can identify an Indian rural village. Each village has its unique mixture of oils from native plants, such as jasmine, patchouli, rose, and sandalwood. Connecting scent to … Continue reading

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Shringar Patti, Maang Tikka, and the Jada Naga

What is the difference between a shringar patti, a maang tikka, and the jada naga? Many brides wear all of three pieces. A shringar-patti is worn on forehead, and it includes a fringe worn on either side of the face, … Continue reading

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