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Matilde Poulat: Taxco Artist, Mexican Silver Comb

Born in Mexico City and better known as Matl, Maestra Matilde Poulat started making jewelry in 1934. She became one of the most famous artists of the Mexican Silver Renaissance. Detailing and texture gave her art a delicacy and intricacy … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Folk and Personal Combs

By The Creative Museum: Nous ouvrons toujours des yeux émerveillés devant des peignes qui méritent le titre d’œuvre d’art. Nous admirons la beauté et la richesse des matériaux, la perfection des formes, le savoir-faire des orfèvres qui créent ces véritables … Continue reading

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Paul-Gabriel Liénard and Louis Aucoc

Paul-Gabriel Liénard was a Parisian Art Nouveau jeweler, who reached the top of his craft when he registered his own mark in 1905. As with Louis Aucoc, Liénard was well known for using pearl sprays. I have not found any … Continue reading

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That Ebay Auction: It was an Amethyst Empire Comb

The stones were amethysts. Shall we compare the comb in this Empire parure on a historical jewelry site to the one that went for $458 in that E-bay auction? The comb correctly identified. The amethyst Empire comb that went for … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Exhibition at the Musée d’Angoulême

Online community is still miraculous. In addition to publishing superb books, our devotion to the beauty and cultural revelation of combs is being recognized by museums. Thirty combs from the Creative Museum join headdresses from the private collection of Antoine … Continue reading

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The Ebay Auction Everyone Was Talking About

Remember that two Empire diadems with almost all the seed pearls missing sold at Sotheby’s 3 years ago for $3000 a piece. Now, incredulously, a dealer from Belgium got the hair comb collection of a lifetime, and sold it on … Continue reading

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Did Sotheby’s Make A Mistake?

Here is an openwork ivory comb they identified as being from the Nasrid dynasty of 15th-Century Spain. Its handle of openwork designs resides in the center and supports a row of thicker teeth on the top and finer ones on … Continue reading

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Empire Diadems at Sotheby’s

These two Empire diadems, c. 1800, sold at Sotheby’s for $5888 on July 22, 2008. कंघी For more scholarly research, please examine Napoleon & the Empire of Fashion Bijoux de tete by Diana Scarisbrick

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British Arts and Crafts Comb

Perched on a silver setting, brilliant plique-a-jour enamel rainbow McCaws brighten up this horn comb. c. 1910, unsigned but numbered. कंघी For more scholarly research, please examine Jewelry and Metalwork in the Arts and Crafts Tradition

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Obsessionistas: The Story of the Creative Museum

The Creative Museum was featured in the British online magazine, Obsessionistas, this month. How did this 30-year, 2000-comb collection start? With the treasures of a grandmother. The wife of a French army captain, Leona Petit collected a small number of … Continue reading

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