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Jen Cruse: Mongolian Hair Ornaments From Our Community

Written by Jen Cruse, featuring the collections of Gina Hellweger and The Creative Museum. Mongol women traditionally wore their thick black hair tied in long plaits falling forward onto their shoulders, placing slightly curved silver combs flat on the top … Continue reading

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Mimi Favre: Lanai Hair Ornament

Mimi Favre, a modern jeweler, had to enter a piece for the Philadelphia International Flower Show‘s exhibiton, “Hawaii, Islands of Aloha.” This is what she sketched: She detailed her artistic process on her blog. And here is her final piece: … Continue reading

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Sotheby’s Bling: Brooch Hair Combs

Jewelry by any other fitting shines as sweet. A woman can buy almost any brooch or pendant and pin it on a bun, hat, or headband. We don’t have to follow jewelers. We have to follow our imaginations and order … Continue reading

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Faberge Hair Pins on E-Bay

This is an exquisite set of three Faberge 18K gold, diamond and tortoiseshell hair pins. The geometric mesh is a distinctly Russian design. The combs also have an Imperial-style border and come in their original box. They are selling for … Continue reading

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English Citrine Parure at Sotheby’s

Although this magnificent gold and citrine parure came from a Spanish collection, I believe its origin is English, c. 1830. This is because there is a special pouch in the original box for different fittings, which allow pieces to be … Continue reading

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The Real Sophia, wife of Ivan the Great, on a Russian Orthodox Comb

In 1237, Genghis’s grandson Batu-Khan invaded Kievan Rus and burned all its cities to the ground. Ivan III Vasilyevich — the Great (1440-1505) defeated the Mongols and took the land back. He also rebuilt the Kremlin, which was then a … Continue reading

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Crayfish on Japanese Combs

The Creative Museum bought a new Japanese comb. I think it’s Taisho, c. 1915. Although the comb shape is different from this late Edo example below, the idea is the same. A cambaroides japonicus, or Japanese crayfish is folded over … Continue reading

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BarbaraAnne’s Hair Comb Buying Guide

Here are my picks from around the web. This masterpiece was brought to my attention by The Creative Museum. Merci, Monsieur Touzinaud. The most magnificent cameos are those where the artist gives the natural coloration in the stone a purpose … Continue reading

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Las “Falleras” Valencianas

By The Creative Museum. The English translation may be found in the first comment. Tous les ans, du 14 au 19 mars, à Valencia, a lieu l’une des fêtes les plus réputées d’Espagne : “LAS FALLAS”. Elle attire un nombre … Continue reading

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Jessica Beauchemin Wins the Prix François-Houdé

Beaming with pride, it is my honor to announce that Jessica Beauchemin has won the Prix François-Houdé in Montréal, a prize for excellence in new craftsmanship. The contest is a collaboration between the Ville de Montréal and the Conseil des … Continue reading

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