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The Creative Museum: From Art Nouveau to Art Deco

Part two of The Creative Museum’s presentation, “From Art Nouveau to Art Deco,” will be appearing on October 22. I am looking forward to it because their scholarship is immaculate. Here are a few of my favorite Art Deco combs … Continue reading

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Truus Daalder: Comb from Tanimbar, Maluku Province of Indonesia

In my book Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment (Ethnic Art Press and Macmillan, 2009), I described and illustrated (p. 170) a very rare comb from Tanimbar, situated in the east of Indonesia, in the southern Moluccas (Maluku). I was unable to … Continue reading

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Hair Ornaments during China’s Warring States Period

Yesterday, I saw a movie, “The Warring States.” It centers around a conflict between two generals who fight against each other for the Wei and Qi states. The other states in this period (475 to 221 BC) were Han, Zhao, … Continue reading

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Gina Hellweger: Tribal Art from Sumatra and the Philippines

Would you share a table with me? I will show you some tribal combs and art I’ve collected from Sumatra (the big silver comb in the center) and the Philippines. This wooden comb decorated with wild boar siblings comes from … Continue reading

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