Some Lovely Things on Ebay

A beautiful Lalique comb with a gold top centered by a woman wearing a hat, surrounded by two birds. One bird head is outside the design. The other is hidden behind the design. The comb is made of horn. Listed for $3000, an offer of $2000 was accepted on March 21. The markings said Lalique Paris 585. You may refer to auction #200321633101.

A lovely ivory pheonix comb that the Chinese made for the Victorian market sold for $266 on March 26. You may refer to auction #350180262355.

Finally, an Angela Cummings barrette she made for Tiffany’s in the 1980s sold for $990 on March 25. She is a wonderful designer known for her original interpretations of natural forms in gold and diamonds. You may refer to auction #360140208688.

2 thoughts on “Some Lovely Things on Ebay

  1. Ginger Pratt

    Bought a sterling silver ginkgo barrette hallmarked Tiffany & Co. also found a newspaper ad for Tiffany & Co. dated 1977 for hair jewelry and it pictures the ginkgo barrette and states it is by Angela Cummings. I used to have Angela Cummings dragonfly wing barrette.

    1. BarbaraAnne Post author

      I also used to have a collection of Angela Cummings jewelry. She designed for Tiffany & Co. before she went out on her own and had a boutique at Bergdorf Goodman. :-)


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