Swedish Royal Wedding

On June 19, 2010, Crown Princess Victoria married her personal trainer, Daniel Westling. She wore the same cameo tiara, her mother wore to her own wedding on the same day in 1976. Cameos adorn the center of a gold and pearl frame. Greek mythological characters Cupid and Psyche grace the center cameo.

Here is her mother Queen Sylvia smiling with true happiness, and of course a drop-dead diamond tiara worn with an pink-topaz necklace, earrings, and pin.

Here, diamond laurel-leaf tiaraed Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium speaks to diamond floral tiaraed Princess Letizia of Spain.

This is a lovely picture of Queen Margaret II of Denmark. It takes tremendous style to pull off a green dress like that, but she does it magnificently. Her pearl and diamond parure does not hurt.

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  1. Michael

    Hi, Barbara Anne! And thanks for the work you do on this blog. I am a fan of royal history, particularly Swedish, and am excited to see you acknowledging the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria last month. Many of the fans of the Swedish Royal Family debated on whether or not she would wear the cameo tiara and whether or not she could pull it off. I think she did so beautifully…but I am a big fan of both her and the tiara!

    My interest in the Swedish royalty naturally led me to interest in their jewelry. I don’t know if your readers will be interested, but I have some more information for you regarding these jewels.

    The cameo tiara originally belonged to Empress Josephine of France and was a gift from her husband at the time, Napoleon I. The full parure includes a cameo brooch with a profile of the French emperor.

    The tiara of HM Queen Silvia originally belonged to the Empress of Brazil, a sister of the Swedish Queen Josefina, both granddaughters of the Empress Josephine.

    The jewels Queen Silvia wears with the diamond tiara are not amethysts, but pink sapphires from Imperial Russia, which came to Sweden through a series of marriages into the royal houses of Germany and were later inherited from her mother by Princess Victoria of Baden, who became Queen Consort of Gustav V of Sweden.

    By the way, the beautiful diamond and pearl tiara worn by HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark originates in Sweden as well. It came to Denmark with Princess Lovisa of Sweden as a wedding gift when she married the future Frederik VIII of Denmark.

    All this information came from the many friends and students of royalty at The Royal Forums message boards, Glittering Royal Events message boards, and Royal Jewels of the World message boards.

    Thanks again for the work you do. I sometimes learn more about some of the same pieces I have seen on other sites or on the auction sites. Keep up the good work!


  2. wallace

    Nice pictures. thanks! Anyway, just wanna share a bit information that I know. Regarding the necklace set worn by the Queen of Sweden, the pink gemstones are not amethysts or pink sapphires. They are pink topazes. Topaz of pink variety is very very rare and highly prized since long long time ago. Such precious gemstones (natural, non-treated) are rarely available nowadays. If not mistaken, there is another set of royal jewels which are also made up of pink topaz–The pink topaz parure of the Savoy family.


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