Chinese Export Ivory Comb

There are so many EZ barrette wholesale auctions on ebay now, I’m going to go blind. And the same combs are advertised at prices no one will pay, time and time again. I don’t even know why I bother to check anymore. However, masochistically I looked and found this:

The ivory tines at the bottom are worn, but the design on top tells a story. This is a classic Chinese-made ivory comb for export to the Victorian market, c. 1890. It has 6 days to go, and it’s already over $100. This will go. I will not be bidding. However, I’m watching and will list the final price and winner next week. If I didn’t have an ivory comb in my collection, I’d go for this one.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Export Ivory Comb

  1. Peggy E.

    Yes, I’m watching this one as well. And I DON’T have an ivory comb in my collection (yet!).

    Would someone please explain to me what the purpose is of placing a ton of bids on an item that doesn’t close for a week?! All you’re doing is driving up the price you’re going to end up having to pay, should you win it.

    Of course, if you are the cousin of the lister, or something….

    I’m afraid of owning something this exquisite. I use my combs and love them, often to “death.” If I broke this I’d be sick for a year over the loss! It should go to someone who is tender, sweet and only gently gazes upon their beautiful combs! ;o)

    Peggy E.

  2. haircombdiva Post author

    Could be noobs who are excited but don’t know what it takes to win a comb like that. Could be people who just want to bid a little at the beginning to save the listing if they don’t use MyEbay. This comb is not to wear. It’s to keep in a glass case away from harm that could erode the ivory. It’s a collector piece. I never wear my antique combs, only the modern ones, and Longlocks hair sticks.

    If a seller asks family members to bid falsely, they could be thrown off ebay for dishonesty. Whoever will win this, will look at it, decide what they think it’s worth, put in the bid on esnipe, and whoever bids the highest will win. This auction will be decided in the last 6 seconds.

    I’ll just be interested to see what the market decides on its worth. Nice to see you again, Peggy. :-)


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