Lalique Icy Leaves

c.1904 – 1905. The comb is horn, the brim is gold, the leaves are tortoiseshell, and the diamonds make them look like ice.

There was an excellent doctoral thesis done on Lalique by Fallon Lee Miller of Eastern Michigan University in 2003. Beautifully referenced for scholarly research. I recommend taking the time to read it.

2 thoughts on “Lalique Icy Leaves

  1. liz wallace

    cool blog. l m a jeweler who makes plique a jour tiaras and a plique pansy haircomb was my second enamel piece. l carved horn n fossil ivory as well. not sure what to ask. wasnt gonna sell pansy. any ideas for museums or whatever to contact n show my work to? also do cicada n dragonfly brooches. thnx liz


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