Dominick & Haff Silver Combs

When thinking of Sterling Silver combs and hair pins, our thoughts usually travel to Birmingham, England. However, New York City had a notable tradition for making beautiful silver pieces, as well.

Dominick & Haff started out as William Gale & Son in 1862. Gale’s son took over the company in 1866. The company then became known as Dominick & Corning in 1867, Gale & Corning in 1869, Gale Dominick & Haff in 1870, and finally Dominick & Haff in 1872. All these name changes suggest drama. Reed & Barton finally purchased the company in 1928.

Dominick & Haff was known for silverware, tea sets, bowls, and platters. However on the side, they made hair combs: intricately carved masterpieces with complicated shapes cut out of solid silver, or openwork.

Here are some examples from our community.

This one comes from the Creative Museum. It is a silver D&H cap on a tortoiseshell comb. I have never seen this combination before. Most of them are all silver.

Here is one with has both beautiful carving and openwork.

Here are two pictures of mine.

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  1. I have one that’s not as intricate as those you’ve featured. Still it has open work and is incised, gorgeous and I’m so thrilled to have been able to purchase it.

    I love how it has the beautiful work on both sides of the comb, so it is lovely wherever it is set in the hair.

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