My Ebay Auction Was Taken Down. I Put It Up Again.

My ebay auction was taken down because I used a certain word. This comb was made in 1890. It is a legal item, which is why items of a similar material and date are sold at every auction house in the world. Beginning price: $24.99. Here is the new link.

I really didn’t want to put this on my blog, but for all the people who were watching and bidding, I thought it would be convenient for them to have the new link. I apologize for any flutter caused.

3 thoughts on “My Ebay Auction Was Taken Down. I Put It Up Again.

  1. peggy elliott

    There were bids on it, so I figured it was the Bay who did you in this time. How stupid is that? “Ivory” becomes, what, “Naturally Occuring in Nature Material?” And because we’re all so stupid we can’t figure that out?!

    I don’t have a “Naturally Occuring….” in my collection and, oh, boy, would I love this one, but also need the a/c, natural gas, and all the other silly things they expect me to pay every month and spoil my comb purchasing fun….

    Good luck with this, Barbara, for your sake, I hope you make a lot of money on it – for my sake, well, what can I say?!

  2. BarbaraAnne Post author

    I believe my auction was caught by an automated filter. A year ago, I programmed phrases for a company that made these products for teen games. Companies like Disney and Lego cannot launch online interactive products for kids without them. Ebay’s issues are different, of course.

    Filters look for certain words and phrases in all languages, full word and shorthand. When found, they generate an email to an ebay “customer service” agent. They make a decision in a third of a second, send out a form letter, and are judged on how many emails they can go through in an hour. Speed is currency.

    I draw this conclusion because my notice came from the Animal and Wildlife section.


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