Ebay: David Andersen, Norwegian Jeweler

The plique-a-jour enamel top looks like a Tiffany stained glass window. It was made by Norwegian jeweler Arthur Andersen, c. 1924 – 1939. His father, David Andersen, started a gold- and silversmithing company in Christiania, now Oslo, in 1876. Arthur took over the company in 1901, when his father died, and put a hyphen in the name: David-Andersen. He also introduced plique-a-jour enameled silver pieces with amazing success.

This is a superb hair pin: magnificent technique, beautifully designed and proportioned, and brilliantly colored when backlit. The dealer is selling it for 1600 Euros on Ebay Germany.


For more scholarly research, please examine

Collectible Silver Jewelry by Fred Rezazadeh

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