Mimi Favre: Lanai Hair Ornament

Mimi Favre, a modern jeweler, had to enter a piece for the Philadelphia International Flower Show‘s exhibiton, “Hawaii, Islands of Aloha.”

This is what she sketched:

She detailed her artistic process on her blog.

And here is her final piece:

I love it. She also has a shop. :-)

4 thoughts on “Mimi Favre: Lanai Hair Ornament

  1. Mimi Favre

    Thanks so much for finding my Flower Show comb and posting here- what an honor! This comb is made entirely from dried plant material. Hair combs and jewelry are really cousins when it comes to personal adornment. I found your blog while researching hair ornaments and what a great find it was. I am a fan of this blog!!

  2. Mimi Favre

    Thank you for posting my Lanai Hair Comb. It is made entirely of dried plant materials. Since finding your blog I have a new found interest in the subject of hair combs. -Mimi


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