The Collection Göring

Hermann Göring’s art collection numbered 4200 items, most of which he kept at Carinhall, his country estate near Berlin. They included paintings, sculptures, furniture, and this magnificent platinum tiara, with 32 carats of diamonds and 8 emerald cabochons. Two side leaves with buds lead to the center spray.

Another diamond tiara with stars outlined by hollow galleries can be seen as Göring escorts his wife Emmy to a ball.

It was a happy marriage. Emmy and daughter Edda gave Hermann many gifts with loving inscriptions. Storage-inventory-number 466/96 at the Pinakothek der Moderne museum in Munich is a gold and diamond cigarette case, engraved with the words, “Filled with happiness and pride, we congratulate you on your appointment as ‘Field Marshall.’ With our deepest love, Emmy and Edda.”

Edda can also be seen here at Carinhall, held by her mother just after her Christening. A beautiful painting hangs in the background.

It is hard to determine where these items came from. The German government has allocated €2 million a year to fund the “Working Group for the Research and Study of Provenance.” Their job is to sift through 20,000 items, which are currently being kept in museum storage vaults. There are 4 employees, who have launched 84 projects. Germany has 6300 museums.


For more scholarly research, please examine

Hermann Goring and the Nazi Art Collection: The Looting of Europe’s Art Treasures and Their Dispersal After World War II

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  1. My dear, both Hitler and Goering are dead; some of these artifacts were returned. The crown jewel ‘crowning’ the royal British crown was stolen from India … and? ‘I like this one… If you don’t like looting (reference to latest incidents in the US), you will hate the British National Museum

    1. I agree with you. I have changed a lot since I wrote that. I should not have shown this article for the reasons you mentioned. In addition to the jewels stolen from India and just about everything in the British Museum, we can also add The American Museum of Natural History. Everything from Africa and the walls of gold artifacts from South and Central America, comprising 4 rooms, were looted. Also, many pieces from South and Central America were melted down for the gold and recast into Spanish jewelry. Thank you Piotr for your comment.

  2. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Nani’s crimes cannot be compared to anything that went down in prior centuries for all sorts of reasons,

    1. No, they can’t. We have to remember that 13 million people were killed in 6 years by the Nazis. Seven million of those were not Jews. I also think that genocide is common, at least what we know of recorded history. Would anyone like to mention the Trans-Atlantic Stave Trade? The massacres of the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere? Also you have Stalin and Mao. There was Fidel, the Khmer Rouge, Vietnam after it won the American War. There is also Leopold II and the Congo Free State (1895-1914). North Korea, currently. So the Nazis do not stand alone. They just kept good records.

    2. No. You cannot compare any other Genocide to the Holocaust. Hitler meant to wipe out every Jew off the face of Europe. It wasn’t the mass murder of political advisories. There was no massacre of ingenious peoples in the Western Hemisphere, not like the Holocaust. The indigenous peoples were not meant to be wiped off the face of the earth. Remember, the Genocide of the Jews was race based. This Holocaust was in in modern times when the West was supposed to be enlightened, not in the 19th century when everyone was colonizing. The Holocaust cannot be compared, also because it was a highly mechanized and industrial Genocide. You need to read up on all of this. You need to understand what lead up to the trail of tears. You also need to read a lot about the Holocaust. You bring up all the usual suspects, in a superficial manner.

      1. Yes. I know. The Holocaust was Genocide on a highly mechanized and industrial scale. Mass production Genocide, if you will. The killing centers were death factories. Name one other Genocide like that. You can’t.

        It’s true that not every victim was jewish. But every Jew was slated for death. The goal was to wipe the Jews off the face of Europe. Extinction.

        That’s your history lesson for the day. I suggest you read a LOT more than you have, if anything.

        1. Last name: Steinberg

          Hold on a minute. You didn’t get that “ya think?” was sarcasm? I’m from New York. You have no idea what we say among ourselves. Not for printing. Only a Jew could have written this post. You should have figured that out.

          1. Anti-Semitic much? Low information people are irrelevant. Such as you. None of you read much

            BTW, I’m Protestant.

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