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Etruscan Hair Comb

Before the Roman Empire, there was Ancient Italy, a compilation of cultures who absorbed each other’s ideas through trade. This map would date from 700 to 400 BC. Greeks started colonizing Southern Italy in 800 BC, creating the province of … Continue reading

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The Böört: Headdress of the Turkic Shaman

After being educated by Siberian shamans for three years, I became the first wolf shaman in Turkey. The Ajalat Shamanic Center is the only place in Turkey where traditional Turkic Shamanism is practiced. My colleague Asu Mansur and I have … Continue reading

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Keter Torah: Silver Torah Finials and Crowns

Early rabbinical texts disclaim the Hellenistic notion that a crown, or keter endowed its wearer with divine and immortal life. Instead, the keter became a symbol for 3 covenants with God: keter malkhut, crown of kingship, given to David for … Continue reading

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