Carving Cat: Mammoth Ivory Hair Comb for Sale

On offer is the first Art Comb I’ve made, from a rather unique material.

First, the design motif: I wanted to create a unique design style with organic flow, as my work would incorporate only so-called ‘organic’ materials and gemstones.

The center jewel is abalone. However, the most prominent material in this comb is mammoth ivory. The piece I carved comes from the bottom of the North Sea in the Netherlands.

Twelve thousand years ago the sea between what is now the Netherlands and England was a gigantic grassland. Many mammoth and other Ice Age animals lived and died there. Beachcombers and fishermen discovered them when they dredged the sea depths and accidentally pulled out the unusual, fantastic remains of mammoths and other animals.

This particular piece of mammoth ivory dates to around 60,000 years of age, judging by the material conditions and the hardness of the ivory. Using hand tools almost exclusively, I carefully crafted the comb in my ‘Atlantis’ design style, over 3 months of extended work.

Usable mammoth ivory from the North Sea is much scarcer than usable material from the more ‘common’ Siberian mammoth, perhaps on a scale of hundreds of kilograms of Siberian material per each usable kilogram of North Sea mammoth ivory.

Resting in the mineral-rich clays at the bottom of the North Sea, the North Sea mammoth ivory absorbs minerals and displays spectacular colors and patterns. This comb is unique in being the only finely carved Mammoth Ivory art comb on the market. There are some other, modern combs from China that, sadly, are crudely made.

I created this comb in my unique style, using an extremely rare piece of North Sea mammoth ivory, so I hope it will find a special place in the heart of whomever will own it.


Price: $500
Shipping: Free
I will be handling the entire transaction.
Serious Inquiries may be sent to

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