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Moshi Monsters: Fashion in the Virtual World

As models promenaded down the runway for the Fall 2012 Snaute Nausure season, one critic sniffed, “Wierd vibes have a way of surfacing in clothes. A runway is like a psychiatrist’s couch. Stuff just comes out.”

Not so for Moshi Monsters designer Snarl Swagerfeld of Ingestinel. The Moshi Snaute Nausure collection was a fabulous success, focusing on hair ornaments and tiaras with an anime theme. As Swagerfeld got his models out on time, he moved the curtain to hide Shoe Wars backstage between Gimme Poo and Growlin’Tino.

But all went well in the end. The last outfit payed homage to Coco Ingestinel’s 1932 Paris jewelry collection of golden tiaras and her neutral color palette of black, brown, and grey.