Unsold on Ebay

A few months ago, this set of tortoiseshell hair pins with pearls and diamonds, priced at $1200, went unsold. I understand the jewelry was real, but the design is common. If you value just the pearls and those small diamonds, they don’t amount to very much. Neither do two small shell pins, not $1200 anyway. I think you’d need a great design and a makers mark + the jewelry to command that price. But they were pretty. :-)

This comb’s art nouveau decoration is absolutely gorgeous. The top is 14K gold in a wave ribbon with small enamelled pink flowers and green leaves, set off with pearls. It went unsold at $895. Condition: Perfect. I like $650 as a price for this. Retail? Who knows. There is this shop online called Isadora’s. I saw combs like my gold dragon one with the ruby eyes go for $2200, and someone paid it. Isadora’s markets itself as a wedding shop, and when someone is in wedding frenzy, I guess they will pay anything. ;-) So who is really to say, but this is a beautiful comb.

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