Some Lovely Things on Ebay

A one-of-a-kind killer, fabulous, over-the-top Victorian Algerian with crystals and a satin finish gold dore mount sold for $483.90 on June 25 to jcollect, a serious and wonderful collector. Congrats, Jo. You may refer to auction #120273363617.

A classic shell comb with an elaborately textured 14K gold mount sold for $350 to kundrynyc on June 22. You may refer to auction #220245861658.

A beautiful garnet tiara hinged to a tortoiseshell hair pin did not sell for the seller’s asking price of $325 on May 30. You may refer to auction #160243735428.

However, a similar piece did sell for $259.50 on June 23. You may refer to auction #220247128220.

This Duhume American Sterling silver engraved comb is being offered at $399. No one bought it. One offer seems pending. You may refer to auction #270242886093.

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