$4000 what?

This beautiful 18K-gold, pearl, and lapis Victorian crown-shaped tiara on a tortoiseshell comb is a magnificent example of period artwork, c.1850. However, it is selling on Ruby Lane for $4850. There is the slightest of damage to the last tine on the right, but I don’t think it devalues the piece. But $4850? I guess it’s a Sotheby’s price. The enamel comb I showed a few posts down sold at Sotheby’s for 9375 GBP. Good luck to the dealer. It is beautiful.

4 thoughts on “$4000 what?

  1. Janice

    Lovely, I reposted today ! I wear a mother of pearl hair comb from Cordoba ala Flamenco style daily! It took me hours to pick from the thousands in that shop! Cheers,

  2. Belva Green

    Hi Barbara –

    I’m a voice from the past, remember?
    This comb is so beautiful, it is delicious! There’s no way I could afford it, but I do so appreciate being
    able to see it – and to know you have it. Good luck selling it – –
    How do you come to a price for such a comb?
    I am selling on Etsy and it’s hard when I come to one I don’t remember what I paid for it..
    Are you still buying combs?
    What is your website so I can see your collection. I’m betting it is fabulous after all these years.
    Do you still have the partner you had years ago? Do you still have your wonderful dogs?
    Catch me up on your news. I am living in Wisconsin during the summer and Florida during the winter.

  3. Belva Green

    I think the email I typed at first was sent before it was edited or completed. Sorry – my computer is impatient I guess.
    I didn’t realize my message would be printed here – – please delete the personal comments.
    I must sell all my combs now – I will be 90 in August and my niece is worried she will be stuck with trying
    to sell them when she doesn’t know anything about combs or jewelry. I hate to part with them and am writing descriptions for them just a few at a time. Etsy seems to be a good place to sell – neither Linda nor I know how to sell on eBay, even though I used to use eBay a lot. I have so many tortoise shell combs – and Etsy will not list those made from animals like tortoise or elephants I thought you might have a bit of advice on what is the best way to get them to people who would care for them but not rob me in the process.
    It will be good to hear from you. I am in contact with only a couple of the old club embers.


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