Achieving Kid Game Immortality

As some may know from looking at my profile in ebay’s My World, I’m on the community team of Moshi Monsters, a game that won 3rd place at the BAFTA Children’s Awards in London, recently. It’s an honor, of course, to be working on such a team with one of the best community managers in the world — which means the game is SAFE. But I digress. ;-)

In our members area, which I hope everyone will check out — it’s a port but much more is planned — there is a Babs’ Boutique. My nickname is Babs. The teens I’ve worked with for almost 5 years now gave it to me way back in the Paleolithic Age of TeenHood. :-) Anyway, the animators at Moshi drew Babs, and if this isn’t me, nothing is me. So I’m immortal now. LMAO. I think she wears her red hair exactly the same as I wear my hair! So here’s what I really look like. Now, I can really be taken seriously as a professional! LMAO. May I introduce my true self: Babs, in the Moshi Monsters virtual world for children. I hope everyone joins!  You can buy virtual diamond and gold tiaras in the dress shops. :-)

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