Calder Brass Tiara

Graduated vertical brass bands, with a spiral terminal on top, extend from a brass hoop. The tiara measures 21 1/4 inches. Calder chose flat metal as a major theme of his jewelry designs in brass, copper, silver and gold.

English art historian Sir Kenneth Clark purchased the piece for his wife at the Freddy Mayor Gallery in England in 1938.

2 thoughts on “Calder Brass Tiara

  1. twob

    Fabulous. There is a spectacular Calder Jewelry exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art and either this tiara or one very similiar to it is on display, but there is no history of piece which is unfortunate. Could you please tell me your source of the information you provided about Sir Kenneth Clark purchasing this tiara? Thank you.

    1. haircombdiva Post author

      Christies. They estimate its value at $50,000 – $70,000. Thank you so much for writing a comment on my blog. Welcome. :-)


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