Something That Grabbed Me

I’m not one of these buyers who thinks things over. If I fall in love, it’s immediate, and I buy the piece. I haven’t bought a hair comb in a long time, but this Auguste Bonaz had my name on it. By the shape of the comb itself, this is a 1940’s piece. Underneath the comb, I’ve included an ad for Bonaz combs in 1944 so you can see the same-shaped comb.

2 thoughts on “Something That Grabbed Me

  1. kelly

    haha…i had that one saved, but it didn’t look that old to me, so i was thinking it over…

    a couple of years ago, i bid on a almost neon green comb with the peigne josephine balls at the top, and paid only $17. i about fell over when i got the comb in the mail and saw the auguste bonaz signature on the back. $17?! i ended up selling the piece for much, much more and according to the buyer, it’s now in a museum in france.

    don’t you just loved surprises like that though??

    congratulations to you; good purchase. =) it’s a pretty one!

    1. haircombdiva Post author

      $17?!?!? and it’s in a French museum????? Oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I bought this little ivory comb on ebay for like $24. Search google images on “museum comb,” and you’ll see a drawing in the Victoria and Albert Museum by Lalique for a comb they say was never made, but would have been made in ivory. So there I saw my comb. It has a Japanese signature on the back. Maybe a Japanese artist made it from the drawing, but that was exactly what I bought for $24! I wrote to V&A, but never received a reply. Search this blog on My Little Mystery, or Mystery, or Lalique, and you’ll probably find the post.


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