Bats and Sapphires

Rene Lalique made a comb he called, “Bats.” I did a collection of combs with rats and bats on them, I guess this was his entry into rodent life. :-) They are made of blue enamel on a horn comb.

This next one could not be more of a contrast. It’s a tiara of gold, enamel, and sapphires hinged to a horn comb, which a lady would wear to the opera to highlight a sumptuous blue gown. c.1902 – 1903. The comb resides at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

1 thought on “Bats and Sapphires

  1. Chandler

    The combs are to die for! They are very pretty. I never thought of people collecting combs – but I guess there is a first for everything! Great images… keep them coming!


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