Accra, Ghana

The illegal e-waste trade is thriving in Accra, Ghana. Young men burn old computers to extract and sell the copper. Photographer Quedraogo, a finalist in the Prix Pictet Competition, shows “The Hell of Copper.” A young man balances a crown of copper cables.

4 thoughts on “Accra, Ghana

  1. Peggy E.

    Until people can make a living wage, have decent housing, enough to eat and medical care for themselves and their families, you are going to have “illegal” trading going on.

    These are resourceful people grasping at straws – of copper, apparently. I don’t understand what the problem is in taking apart old computers for copper, but then I’m not very smart….

    Like you, I thought the photo was featuring a creative head dress showing a strong artistic sensitivity! Provides pretty good shade, too!

  2. Holli

    Great blog! I love the photo as well – even though it is indicative of a huge problem in Ghana.

    I’m a Canadian but have been in Accra for 15 years – living and blogging etc.

    Will be checking back in with your site regularly!

  3. haircombdiva Post author

    Sounds like you are describing the United States in your first paragraph. Cruelty begets many tragedies.


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