Malcom Morris Tiaras

Malcom Morris makes replicas of Regency-style tiaras for the film industry and private clients. His studio is in central London. Shopping is by private appointment, only.

This 18-carat gold design was made in 2002. As the stem of gold leaves branch out, they are accented by yellow and green sapphires, pale yellow and crystal beryl, diamonds, and pearls.

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a Morris tiara in the movie, “Shakespeare In Love.” Mixing rose-gold ivy and laurel leaves, the tiara is dotted with amethyst- and citrine-coloured crystal stones and pearls.

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2 Responses to Malcom Morris Tiaras

  1. peggy elliott says:

    Oh, my, wouldn’t I love to have this one! Don’t suppose he does “charity” work, now, does he?! ;o)

  2. haircombdiva says:

    Great idea! All modern tiara designers should set up a BarbaraAnne’s Hair Comb Blog Members charity, so they could donate a piece to all of us. :-)

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