Jessica Beauchemin

By the Creative Museum:

She sculpts different woods into hair-comb heaven. Describing her philosophy, Ms. Beauchemin says, “I strive to explore fine woodworking, to develop a personal approach that will enhance the riches and nuances of the matter. I shape solid woods and veneers in symbiosis with other natural materials such as mother-of-pearls, stones, metals and fibres. Hair ornaments are the medium through which I explore. Mythical, symbolical and sensual objects, hair combs and pins offer a vast array of conceptual, aesthetic and technical possibilities. Through my approach, I wish to explore notions such as balance, combination of materials and visual poetry.”

3 thoughts on “Jessica Beauchemin

  1. peggy elliott

    You’ve been a busy lady, Barbara, all these wonderful new postings!

    To my taste, all those lushly ripe displays of wealth pale in the presence of the natural splendor of these combs.

    Thank you for featuring this fine artist – another addition to my “when I win the lottery” shopping list!

  2. BarbaraAnne

    You know, I was thinking of putting this picture on my social networking publicity stuff, and then I chose the turban ornament. These are my favorites, too. The only question I have is, “How do I get my hands on one!”


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