Creative Museum: Art Nouveau Dragonfly

From the Creative Museum

This elegant painted horn comb touches those who have Lalique hearts. Even though the design is layered, the transparency allows light to shine through the comb, perfectly expressing a dragonfly in real life.

2 thoughts on “Creative Museum: Art Nouveau Dragonfly

  1. Fiona Duncan

    Hi, I realise this post is not recent; however, I am wanting to enquire as to whether you still have this piece and whether or not it is for sale? If not – would you be able to help me find a seller of lalique hair-combs?
    Thank you in advance for your help.


    1. BarbaraAnne Post author

      Hi Fiona, Thanks for writing in. I have gotten into so much trouble on Pintrest because people have read what I wrote, “This elegant painted horn comb touches those who have Lalique hearts,” as being an identification of this comb as Lalique, there is no way I will ever be able to correct the misinterpretation.

      This is not a Lalique comb. It is an unsigned clarified horn Art Nouveau comb. Lalique combs made by his workshop went for $38,000 at Sotheby’s a few years ago. Combs made by his own hand went for around $300,000. So sadly, none of us are going to get a Lalique comb unless some dealer redefines stupidity. And this does happen. The Creative Museum does not sell their combs. But here is one:


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