Sicilian Coral Comb

Sotheby’s sold this set of 4 coral, gold, and tortoiseshell Sicilian combs for 3120 EUR on June 20. They are c. 1890 and came in their original box.

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2 Responses to Sicilian Coral Comb

  1. peggy elliott says:

    Just beautiful – so elegant.

    I wonder, were they meant to be all worn together (I’d think so?), but how would the style be to support those large combs?

    I wish I could find something that details how these antique combs are worn.

  2. BarbaraAnne says:

    Maybe you’d put the diadems side by side to make a longer tiara, and the little pins went on the side or in the back? You’d need long hair. That I can figure out. If I had all of them, I’d find a way. :-)

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