Creative Museum: From the Sapio Workshops at Napoli

The Creative Museum recently acquired this Italian hairpin topped in blonde tortoiseshell with Putto, Cupid’s name in the Italian Renaissance. The bottom of the stick is dark shell. The piece was made in the Sapio Workshops in Napoli, c. 1900. Here is a dragon The Creative Museum already had from the Sapio Workshops. What this…

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There is a completeness to this 2500-comb collection, as it spans the whole world and time. Most individual collections specialize. This museum brings together the love of many in a dazzling display of hair comb art. The pictures are a community unto themselves. The museum founders state, “There is nowhere you can see this collection,…


Italian Tiara

I wanted this. This absolutely one of the most beautiful tiaras I’ve ever seen. Superb coral cameos, gilt bronze, black flowers, French, 1840, Empire style, gorgeous, even though a few pieces are missing. It sold for $787 on Nov. 9. It had a tortoiseshell comb attached. The vision on this one is beautiful.