Cartier Hair Comb

This comb sold at Sotheby’s for $20,000 on April 20, 2010. I believe Japanese ideas influenced Cartier’s Parisian jewelers in 1920, just as they influenced French artists during Japonisme (1867-1905).

The Japanese intricately carved chrysanthemums on coral kanzashi. It seems Cartier took this idea, fit the coral carvings into an English-style tiara, and hinged it on a tortoiseshell comb. The mums also have diamond centers and are bordered with pearls.

To compare and contrast, here is the Cartier comb and a Japanese coral kanzashi.


For more scholarly research, please examine

Cartier: Innovation through the 20th Century

Catalogue of a collection of hair ornaments, pouches and toilet articles used by Japanese women;: The collection of Baron Ino Dan

2 thoughts on “Cartier Hair Comb

  1. peggy elliott

    Not that I’d be complaining if either one of these found its way under my Christmas tree – but my smile would be wider for the Japanese kanzashi!

    Thank you for the comparison.


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