The Modern Geisha and her Kanzashi

This magnificent photograph from Michael Chandler shows a geisha wearing modern kanzashi, made of brightly colored fabric attached to metal, glass dice beads, text, and silver balls. What I love about her is the red lipstick on the bottom of her mouth, dark red eyebrows, and that she has styled her real hair. Her soft look makes her mysterious, yet irresistible, in the ageless tradition of geishas.

copyright: Michael Chandler. Please see Mr. Chandler’s complete set of modern geisha photos here.

The Creative Museum has many modern Japanese sets. My favorite is this blue silk wedding set.


For more scholarly research, please examine

The Combs and Ornamental Hairpins in the Collection of Miss Chiyo Okazaki

The Miriam Slater Collection

3 thoughts on “The Modern Geisha and her Kanzashi

  1. miriam slater

    It is hard to find beautiful photography of contemporary geisha and this one is very good. Although I personally collect only old hair ornaments, the kid in me just loves the new pieces such as the turquoise set shown here. The newly made kanzashi still have a delightful, uplifting festive spirit to them that is uniquely Japanese and always a pleasure to behold.

    1. BarbaraAnne Post author

      Thank you very much for writing in! I hope my changes are satisfactory. I linked to both your photo with your name in the link tags, and your beautiful flickr site in the caption of the photo. You are always welcome to write to me at with any other requests. Thank you for allowing me to use your art in my blog. Best regards…


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