Faberge Hair Pins on E-Bay

This is an exquisite set of three Faberge 18K gold, diamond and tortoiseshell hair pins. The geometric mesh is a distinctly Russian design. The combs also have an Imperial-style border and come in their original box. They are selling for $12,000.

Sewn into the original box are the gold letters of Faberge. The crest over them has the double-headed eagle with a crown in the middle of it. As we learned from the ivory liturgical comb commemorating Sophia Paleologue, this is the mark of the Tsar, which means that these combs were made for the Royal Family.

If you look at the maker’s marks in the back of the larger gold hair pin, you will see Faberge’s name, and what I believe is ES, the mark of work master Eduard W. Shramm, who came to St. Petersburg from Germany and made cigarette cases and other small jeweled pieces.

This is a picture of the original Faberge store on 24 Bolshaya Morskaya in St. Petersburg, ca. 1910.


For more scholarly research, please examine these books, which can be found in our Resource Library.

Faberge: Imperial Jeweler

The Comb: Its History and Development

Le Peigne Dans Le Monde

2 thoughts on “Faberge Hair Pins on E-Bay

  1. Anat kantor

    Hi Barbara,
    I have an antique 14kt gold comb.
    Come in the original leather box.
    I can’t send pictures through this site.
    Would you be able to give me an address where I’ll be able to contact you and send you the picture.
    I hope you’ll be able to give me more information about the piece.
    Thank you, Anat


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