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And She Danced with Diamonds in Her Hair

Her mother died.

Her 9-year-old brother
was too young to lose a mother,
so she wrapped his sandwiches beautifully
and put toys in his lunch bags —
Every day.

She married Bernardo.
Had Natalia
Bernardo Jr.
Got up at 4 am to cook lunch plates.
A little extra money.
No time for sleep — Years.

Parties celebrate her children
Before they go out into the world.

Medical treatment is given when needed.

Prevention —
Esteem —
Selflessly transposed with detailed perfection.

What does she do for herself?

I can tell you from experience.
My friend Mother Earth,
Named after one who loved God — Looks,
But does not buy.

Last night —
The Sweet Sixteen.
She saw her beautiful daughter’s pax de deux with her father.

Then her moment came.

And she danced with diamonds in her hair.