And She Danced with Diamonds in Her Hair

Her mother died.

Her 9-year-old brother
was too young to lose a mother,
so she wrapped his sandwiches beautifully
and put toys in his lunch bags —
Every day.

She married Bernardo.
Had Natalia
Bernardo Jr.
Got up at 4 am to cook lunch plates.
A little extra money.
No time for sleep — Years.

Parties celebrate her children
Before they go out into the world.

Medical treatment is given when needed.

Prevention —
Esteem —
Selflessly transposed with detailed perfection.

What does she do for herself?

I can tell you from experience.
My friend Mother Earth,
Named after one who loved God — Looks,
But does not buy.

Last night —
The Sweet Sixteen.
She saw her beautiful daughter’s pax de deux with her father.

Then her moment came.

And she danced with diamonds in her hair.

2 thoughts on “And She Danced with Diamonds in Her Hair

  1. peggy elliott

    There are angels amongst us. She did not have to wait until her red carpet ride to a glorious heaven to shine – for this moment, this beautiful angel had diamonds to do so for her.

    May grace and love continue to mark your path through life, dear lady. God bless you for all you do!


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