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A Styrobot with Hair Combs

RobotGrrl Etsy Store: When you’re an online community professional, the capitalism of venture investors,  programming automation, networks, design, animation, AI, business planning, and staff is vital to the ever bigger member-numbers needed to make a profit and create fabulous virtual worlds. The original dream of one soul touching another has changed, but sometimes you find it anyway.

Such a treasure became real for me, when RobotGrrl, a teen I nurtured at Habbo and HabboHut Radio, used her science genius to make me a custom styrobot. She went to an elite three-week program at Stanford University specializing in robotics, and I am convinced she will work at NASA, Pixar, or maybe even become a toymaker. Her possibilities are endless, and I have been thrilled to mentor her over the 4 1/2 years I’ve been at Habbo.

She made me a dancing robot toy, decorated with Myrna’s enamel combs, and my favorite Robert Frost poem that she wrote herself on the back. Then she put green fluffy hair on it, and a hair comb bow. I then tried it out with different combs, and put my small red Bonaz in it, and it sits on my desk, a reminder that communities emerged on the Internet without a marketing person in sight. A reminder that my theory of souls touching across wires still lives, no matter what life brings.

I urge everyone to go to RobotGrrl’s Etsy Store and ask for a custom piece out of your own imagination. You will meet a great artist, roboticist, scientist, and GIRL!

Here is the video of how it dances.

And here are the images I took of my custom bot.