Next Post will be from combs sold on Ebay

When New York Times columnist Tom Freidman spoke about the global economy, he said, “The world is flat.” In other words, a company can have technical support in Uruguay, architectural drawings designed in Sweden, sales people in California, the world is flat, he said. And that’s the way I feel about this blog. There is no historical period, no country, no price, no place of sale that makes any difference to me when I choose a comb to feature.

For example, the Chinese ivory bird comb that sold for $350 on ebay is just as beautiful to me as a comb sold at a major auction house, with all their snobby cachet. The main difference between them is that most of the combs sold on ebay are not listed in literature and not signed by the great artists who changed history. But all exquisite art is a beautiful treasure it would lift any of our spirits to own.

I started this blog because I feel hair combs have been treated by many dealers as the miscellaneous throwaway items of estate sales. They are not. Combs exist in every single period of history in every part of the world and are serious works of art. Comb lovers can sit at the same table with any collector. We are not second-class collecting citizens, and that’s what I really want to say with this blog.

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