98 cents, and I could have bought it for $600

No one bought this unsigned French art nouveau dragonfly comb, whose wings had a triangular silver inlay. It was priced at $1200, made of finely carved horn, and attributed to Elizabeth Bonte. You may refer to auction #280231759350. Seller relisted twice. Once it went for $202. Then Idiot Me met his reserve of $500 too early. Alain-t got it. I had a snipe bid for $750. I’m such an idiot about reaching the reserve so early. Stupid stupid stupid. I missed it. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Oh well, I’ll live. It sold for $750.98. Still a stupendous bargain for what it is. I am sick. SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to take my anti-anxiety pills and anti-insanity pills and go to sleep now. Hint: the anti-insanity pills won’t work, and I feel like the stupidist person who ever lived. Bonte’s sell at the Tadema Gallery for $220o and $7500 for the cicadas. I’m just sick and having an absolute unqualified diva tantrum about losing. But I must be gracious and congratulate the winner, who is a great collector — through my tears. ;-P

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