Alexandre de Paris

My favorite brand of modern hair accessories. I called Jovy at the New York store the other day because I wanted to buy something. The things I used to get, the couture beaded barrettes, snoods are now selling for $4300 each.


I’m speechless. And she said the women from Paris are rushing over to New York to buy them because of they are taking advantage of the depressed dollar.The French finally put up a site. Look at the black and white tiara in the slide show of these couture pieces on this website. A more Barbara piece was never made, and I’m getting a price on it anyway, but there is probably no way I’ll ever be able to afford something from this store again. I used to pay $600.

Here are some of my pieces that I bought in the late 1990s, but for those of us who love modern hair art, we have to go to the superb artist Susan Maxwell Schmidt at Longlocks.

This is the way I combine my Alex pieces with Susan’s beautiful hairsticks:

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