My Devotion to Japonisme

I just received a lovely post from lotusgreen, who does the Japonisme blog, with a French hair comb to die for. I would like to thank lotusgreen for emailing me her blog post so I could put it up on my blog. Enjoy! Paul and Henri Vever horn comb with gold and pearls, which resides at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. For my Japanese comparison,  I’m going to choose this Meiji tortoiseshell comb, designed with languishing leaves and pearls in its flowers, which resides in the Mikimoto Museum.

Also, because I can’t help myself, I’m putting up an image of a lalique plum blossom comb lotusgreen gave me, too. Made of horn with a gold hinge, it looks like the blossoms were dyed blue. For the Japanese part, I’m just putting up two of my favorite Edo combs ever. Not really a comparison, but what do you bet Rene saw them at that famous Paris Exhibition of 1867, where the two forces of art came together?

3 thoughts on “My Devotion to Japonisme

  1. Amy

    Does anybody know how to tell if Henri Vever or Lalique made my unsigned horn,gold and seed pearl hair comb?It came from the estate of a Russian Princess around 1900. The gold hinge and raised horizontal bars as shown above are very similar. Thanks, Amy

    1. haircombdiva Post author

      I’d need to see a picture. Send me one at I could look and compare to other Vevers and Laliques. If it’s unsigned, I think one would have to look at similarities to other works.

  2. haircombdiva Post author

    I saw two unsigned Aucoc hairpins go on ebay live auction for pennies on the retail-price dollar, when the signed Aucoc hair comb is still selling at the Tadema Gallery for $5,000 to $10,000


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