A Treat for me :-)

I talked to Jovy in the Madison Ave store, and now the pieces I used to pay $600 for are now $4300, and she said the women from Paris are flying over to NYC to buy them because of the exchange rate. So I felt, well, I have my collection of Alexandre Paris haute couture, and that will just have to be it.


I found one from Hong Kong that was selling for $195 in the original box from the store, and they showed pics of the name, and I know this was a genuine couture piece. It was over. I bought it at an offer price of $180. I wear an Alex barrette or snood every single day. My 50th birthday is coming up in a month. I will love this and wear it A LOT. ;-) I’m going to tell Jovy. Ha! But I have to tell you. This is the first Alex couture piece I’ve seen on ebay in the 5 years I’ve been searching. You may refer to auction #260289856340.

The flower is made of suede with hand-beaded crystals by a French haute couture attelier.

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