At Sotheby’s

There is a pair of tortoiseshell opera combs with a horseshoe-shaped openwork floral design, est. 4000 – 6000 UKP, which will go on sale July 22. c. 1910.

There are also two diadem ornaments c. 1800 with seed pearls and gold, acanthus leaves and flowers, beautifully detailed est. 3500 UKP, also going on sale July 22 in London. Some of the seed pearls are missing.

This beautiful ornament used to have tortoiseshell tines. I guess one could put them back on again in a repair. c. 1915.

And finally, a diamond tiara. It has 5 star jewels. People used to take the jewels off tiaras and use them for other things. A tiara was a multiple-use object. This piece is accompanied by 2 tiara fittings, 5 hair pins, 5 brooch fittings, and one tortoiseshell hair comb. est. 8000 – 12000 UKP.

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