Bought This

Couldn’t resist. I had to sell a Dominick and Haff silver comb way back when, and I have always wanted another one. It has the marking D&H, I believe 61 is the model number, and then sterling. Condition: perfect. Price: $66.99! There is one selling on a retail site for $200. Yay. A bargain. :-)

In this set, there was also a knockout Edo comb, which went for only $55 because it was damaged. I wanted it, but I felt I had to be disciplined and only get things that were marked and in perfect condition because my funds are *cough* not endless. ;-) But this early 18th Century Japanese comb, with this level of art on it would have gone high. With the matching kogai stick, a signature, and everything in perfect condition, forget it.

This beautiful shell comb with two flowers was part of a set of two, which sold for $227.

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