Italian Gold Tiara

With baroque pearls and natural diamonds, this tiara consists of two branches of flower vine leaves. The tiara probably had additional frames, but they are no longer available. It comes in its original box. c. 1900. It is up for auction at Christies for $37,000.

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  1. Mwwaaaaa!!! I can’t see the picture!!! How can I destroy my entire day, mooning over something I can never even dream of owning, if I can’t see what it is I’m missing…..

    Or did you leave it out purely to be nice to poor people like me?! ;o) And, of course, if the supporting pieces are no longer available, well, *I* wouldn’t want it anyway!???

    1. I am sorry. I had my server turned off for the night. We are doing renovations, and our bedroom is being painted, and I have to sleep in my office until Monday or Tuesday. Sorry! The pics are up now.

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