Some lovely things at Sothebys

This is a lovely example of classic style. Hair comb pairs like this were also called opera combs. The crowns of these are openwork plaques set with about 1.50 carats of European-cut and rose-cut diamonds atop tortoise shell combs.

Eighteenth-century India gives us this next tiara in an unusual hinged form. The openwork decoration depicts three lilies surrounded by stems and foliage.

The last tiara is just a knockout. It’s an English turquoise and diamond tiara, c. 1880, and sold for 27,000 GBP. I want this. :-)

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2 Responses to Some lovely things at Sothebys

  1. Peggy E. says:

    Well, I can comfort myself by acknowledging that tiara had to be very uncomfortable – the two metal pieces on the sides probably bit into the head (and don’t you tell me different – this is a psychological thing I’m working on here!!!! ;o)

    Question: The Opera Combs – I have a couple pairs on this order (“on this order” being open at the top, filigre work attached to tort prongs – not a diamond or semi-precious stone in sight….) and am wondering how they were worn. Dressing a bun? Stuck into an extravagant ‘do?

    I’ve not seen pics of them “in action,” as I have with other combs.

    Thanks again, Barbara, for the Monday morning lovelies!

    Peggy E.

  2. haircombdiva says:

    either stuck into an extravagant “do,” or pulling back loose hair on each side. Oh yes, the turquoise tiara I would die for would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too uncomfortable. I couldn’t ever manage to wear it — like everywhere. ;-PPPPPPPPPPPP

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