Sold at Sothebys for 6,250 GBP, or $9,632.89. The Creative Museum has a similar Regency cameo tiara comb, but with one layer and two tines missing. Even so, given this sale, it has to be worth thousands.

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2 Responses to Sold!

  1. peggy elliott says:

    Ah, yes, I thought I’d wear it on Christmas Eve – my two dogs will just be enthralled…. :o(

    Maybe in another life! Gorgeous, but probably doesn’t go well with caftans and hospital beds – though it would really kick the old broad up a notch or two, wouldn’t it?!

    Peggy E.

  2. haircombdiva says:

    Ah, Emeril wearing a hair comb, kick it up a notch! :-)

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