Sterling Silver Ashanti Comb

A friend pointed this out to me from E-Bay France. It is a masterpiece, and the way-too-expensive 850-euro price tag reflects it. There were only three copies made in the Nefertiti Gallery, located in the Dakar Region of Senegal. One is owned by the President; the second was offered to the wife of a European head of state; and the third, which is for sale, belongs to the gallery owner. Each comb was hand made by the Nefertiti Gallery’s jewelers.

2 thoughts on “Sterling Silver Ashanti Comb

  1. peggy elliott

    Oh, why am I not wealthy and could buy all the combs in the world I would die to have? (Maybe I’ve watched one too many showings of “Fiddler on the Roof!”)

    A gorgeous work of art. Thank you for sharing – it’s great to see the African artisans getting credit for their fabulous work.


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