Oh My God, This Coral Comb

It’s on sale on E-bay for $2500. In the Victorian Era, coral jewelry was said to promote good health. Seeing this and not being able to buy it promotes agony, so I’m not sure the Victorian theory has transposed well into the 21st Century. ;-) Branch coral on tortoiseshell, c. 1890. It’s a knockout.

2 thoughts on “Oh My God, This Coral Comb

  1. peggy elliott

    No, this was well before the time we came to realize these creatures needed to be protected. But you can certainly understand the appeal when you see these oh-so-beautiful pieces.

    Barbara, put it on your “Watch” and then when it closes (assuming no one purchases the piece) they may well relist it with a best offer option attached. You just never know…. ;o)

    There’s a lovely little thing that keeps popping up in all manner of sales – auction, BIN, BIN w/BO – I always watch it; watch it as it disappears into it’s next phase, because I’ll never have the money to buy this.

    Oh, boo, hoo!


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