Mother of Pearl Hair Combs

The Creative Museum has two stunning mother-of-pearl combs. The first is a masterpiece of mother-of-pearl (mop) cutting and engraving. It depicts a roe deer, which symbolizes wealth and longevity. In Celtic culture, its antlers symbolize heavenly light.

They also have a drop-dead mop comb with a floral motif.

So I have been served. ;-) Here is my mop hair pin with a bird in a cherry tree. All these combs are English, c. 1850.

3 thoughts on “Mother of Pearl Hair Combs

  1. BarbaraAnne Post author

    I need to go to Bordeaux to take photography lessons. An excuse to go to France! :-)

  2. badran ghosn

    hi…at my collection you can see phoenician ivory comb 800 bc from sidon…..i might download on my site the second {one of the oldest} mother of pearl small comb in one week.nice site


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