An Ebay Auction to Watch

I guess we’re going through an Empire comb phase. ;-) An Empire tiara top, hinged to either a shell or celluloid comb, is being auctioned on E-bay for 185 GBP at the moment. Does anyone think it looks like a married piece? The tiara is gorgeous. I see the 4 bidders on the board. They have feedback scores of 9, 15, 0, and 35. Someone is using a new account, or they are beginners. I will be interested to see if a new or experienced collector wins this.

UPDATE: Someone with a 342-feedback score outbid a newcomer with 9, and the married piece sold for $1500. The newcomer bid 14 times. The seller was absolutely honest. Unless the buyer already has the correct metal bottom, the seller won E-bay’s psychology game huge on this auction. I have to give the seller a “fair play.”

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  1. peggy elliott says:

    I’ve been watching this, too, simply to see who comes out with it. And, with you, was surprised at the early bids on what you would normally expect to find with a large group of watchers not wanting to “tip their hand,” so to speak. A little odd….

    The seller did mention in the description that the top had probably been remounted to a different comb. So upfront on that issue; didn’t know the material, though….

    I’m more an art deco kinda gal, but still appreciate beauty and craftsmanship, regardless the era, design or materials. This is going to be a wonderful treat for some lucky soul!

  2. BarbaraAnne says:

    Peggy, $1500!

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