Silver Hair Combs

Just as butterflies adorn my combs,
So the butterfly effect has adorned my life.
The matching of pictures by chance,
Alain mathematics. Thank you.

Hello. :-)

On the Silver Salon Forums, Polly wrote, “I have long hair that I like putting up with silver hair combs. I’ve recently admitted that the accumulation is turning into a collection. I was considering asking Scott to make a slide show of my combs, but I don’t have all that many yet, and I don’t actually know very much about them. So instead I’ll post a photo here and ask if anyone else shares my interest and would like to add their own.”

I think I’ll answer her. :-)

2 thoughts on “Silver Hair Combs

  1. peggy elliott

    Be gentle with her, dear Barbara – she’s new and your beautiful collection could possibly embarrass her, if not handled with kindness! ;o)

    Or it will inspire her to hit Vegas, rob a bank, sell the kids and buy more!!! Maybe not….

  2. BarbaraAnne Post author

    Me? not gentle? :-)

    Actually, compared to others I know, my collection is minuscule.
    Selling kids? Maybe I’d come up with another funding source. LOL!!!!!

    Great comment as usual. Thank you so much, Peggy!


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